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The least is more than the product kitchen

As it is well known Albert Ventura is known for his cuisine of product and quality, and is in favor of the product of proximity “as long as it is the best that can be offered to customers, as there are large suppliers throughout the Iberian Peninsula and Europe that serve fresh produce, often of great quality “.

The Barcelona chef believes in essence in the little manipulation and the respectful elaboration of high quality food, together with a simple but harmonious presentation of the dishes of his kitchen. He always shows himself a lover of bars because of his ability to bring some dynamism, to allow the proximity of the creation of the gastronomic experience in a real and intimate way. He states that “to be eating or having dinner with someone close to the side allows, at times, some affectionate gesture that can make you feel closer and accompanied”. Without hesitation he thinks that the bars bring some freedom and attitude, considering that intimacy is enhanced by the bar, and not the opposite.