Grill Room

Who we are

Albert Ventura, reinterpreting the tradition

Albert Ventura is a chef with a great reputation among restoration professionals and gastronomy experts from all over the country. The Catalan chef, trained as a professional in various haute cuisine restaurants, opens his first restaurant, the now classic, Restaurant Coure. In this restaurant in Barcelona the tradition is reinterpreted from an author, product and market kitchen. In a more artisan than artistic way, fleeing from elitism but with great naturalness, over the years it has become an emblematic and successful place. Precisely for maintaining its high culinary level of prolonged form in the time. A small shop in Barcelona that is frequented daily by the always critical Catalan native diner, who at the Coure feels at home and is recurrent.
Today, after 13 years since the opening of the Coure restaurant, and having successfully participated during the last decade as a gastronomic consultant for multiple restoration projects at a national and international level, Albert Ventura together with his partner Albert Taberner, owner of the London Bar , they decide to start together this gastronomic project of historical heritage that represents what was the mythical Bar Torino. The same place also known as Grill Room, in the same historical center of the Gothic district of Barcelona. The chef, as the new owner, names this local modernist as Grill Room Bar Thonet. To which they give a great bar where to bring back the historic district to Barcelona with its best cuisine based on tapas and dishes to share.